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Wichita Friends School Taco Dinner
and an evening of magic with Shawn Reida
Tuesday, October 24th, 5 - 7 pm

Ms. Gracie's taco dinners -- one of our most
enjoyable annual WFS traditions!
Dine with school family and friends in the
Multi-purpose Room, explore our classrooms
and playgrounds, and enjoy seeing the energy
of our children as they interact with
Magician & Illusionist Shawn Reida,
performing at 6:15 pm.

2019 Taco Dinner - Gracie.jpg
To order carry-out meals:
call Ms. Gracie at 316-729-0303
or email her at
by Friday, October 20th.
Pick up 3-6pm on Oct 24th.


Adults: $12 - 2 tacos or 1 taco & 1 chicken fajita.

Children: $7 - 1 taco or 1 fajita

All meals served with Mexican rice, chips/salsa, cookie & bottled water.

Q: What attacked the nacho while he was out fishing?
A: A tacodile.

Q: What do you call a cold taco?
A: A brrrrrrr-ito.

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret to a taco?
A: Because they always spill the beans.

Q: Why didn’t Superman eat the nachos at tonight’s taco dinner?
A: He’s afraid of that chip-tonight.

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