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Wichita Friends School Winter Donation Drive 

January 17-30, 2023



Wichita Friends School provides high quality individual education to children, 2 1/2 years old through 3rd grade.  To hire high-quality staff, support students in financial need and invest in our students we seek your support.  No one is as powerful in gathering support for WFS as you and your student!  Prizes are awarded to all children who reach $25 in donations.  See our donation drive details here.

  • TImeline: January 17 - January 30.  All donations must be to the school by 5pm, Jan 30th.

  • 2 ways to gather/track your student's donations:

    • Website linked with the QR code and on the Wichita Friends School webpage.  Share this on social media, in an email, or by text with family and friends so they can support your child's donation drive goals.

    • Use the donation form provided to you.  Write down the donations you gather, and have family/friends pay online or turn in checks/cash with the donation form by January 30th. 

  • All questions can be directed to Dr. Hoffman,

Student Prizes!

$25    -  Sticker, large pixie stick

$50    -  Bouncy ball, large lollipop

$75    -  Bubblewand, candy bar

$100  -  Fruit by the foot, laffy taffy rope, and a candy bracelet

$200  -  Light-up yo-yo, fidget, cereal bar

$300  -  Student picks a staff member to pie-in-the-face

$500  -  Student picks a staff member to throw velcro balls at

$1,000 - Lava lamp, lunch off campus with Head of School

School-Wide Prizes!

As WFS accumulates donations,

ALL our students win!

$1,000 - Movie and Popcorn Party

$2,000 - ice Cream Sandwich Party

$3,000 - Marshmallow Food Fight

$4,000 - Pizza and Cupcake Party

$5,000 - Skating Party

Wichita Friends School receives no state, local or federal money, as we are a private school. 

WFS is 100% funded by tuition, grant funds and DONATIONS! 

Thank you for helping us secure funding that will sustain us.

Together, we change lives.

Your help goes a long way!

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