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14700 West Kellogg Dr. N

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SPICES (Quaker Testimonies & Queries for Children)


Quaker educators have named six important testimonies (or beliefs) and call them SPICES.  A part of our Friendly approach to education at Wichita Friends School involves exploring the SPICES in our thoughts and in our actions each day.  



SIMPLICITY:  Activities and things we own should not feel like “too much!”

          • Is our stuff more important than our friends and family?

• Do we do things just because they look cool?

• What are fun things to do that don't cost anything at all? 


PEACE:  When we don’t agree, talking is better than fighting.

          • Do we listen to all sides when there is a disagreement?

• What should we do when we are mad at someone?

• What can we do to make our world more peaceful?


INTEGRITY:  We want to know and tell the truth.

          • Do we always try to be honest?

• Do we try to do a good job in everything we do?

COMMUNITY:  We care for each other.

          • What can we do to be good neighbors?

• How can we be helpful and take good care of each other?

• What can we do to have fun and get to know each other better? 


EQUALITY:  We are all equal before God.

          • What can we do to be fair to other kids we meet?

• What can we do when we see people being treated unkindly?

• Do we try to share the things we have?


STEWARDSHIP:  We use God’s gifts with goodness and wisdom.

          • Do we help with cleaning chores at home and at school?

• Do we take good care of our clothes and toys?

• What can we do to help take care of God's earth?