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A Wichita Friends School Family

“Wichita Friends School has been a perfect fit for my family.  When looking for a preschool for my three children, I looked for a place where they could learn, but also play, develop social skills and develop Christian values.  When I found WFS, I knew it was the right place.  Their philosophy of play-based learning is just what I wanted.  Studies continue to emerge showing that young children don’t need (nor thrive in) extremely structured preschool.  They need a place to be creative, practice imaginary play, and be physically active, all while preparing them for kindergarten.  I found the WFS teachers and staff to be extraordinary.  From the head of school to the teacher and helpers, everyone at WFS knows every child’s name and treats each child as a unique and special gift from God.  The other parents also get involved at the school.  They drive for field trips, volunteer in the classrooms, and help with holiday parties and special events.  WFS is truly a community – one that I am so glad to be a part of.  My children have loved their preschool and kindergarten-1st grade experiences at WFS and my two oldest are now thriving in public schools.  I credit the solid foundation they formed at WFS for their love of learning and their kind hearts.  Thank you, WFS, for nurturing my children and guiding them to become creative, compassionate and inquisitive young people! “  


“The phrase “It takes a village” is a great way to describe the Wichita Friends School community.  The educators and staff at Wichita Friends School allow me to rest at ease while being a working parent knowing my son is receiving a quality education in a nurturing environment.  I don’t have to worry about class sizes or “ is he getting enough one-on-one attention”.  I know he is getting the best education possible from a group of people that truly care about each student and have a passion for teaching.  I am so thankful for the time my son has spent at the school and the extended family we have developed over the years.”  


Mother and Son love Wichita Friends School



“There are so many things that we LOVE about WFS! The children are able to grow academically at their own pace; they are able to interact with kids of all ages in the school; the SPICES values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship that the school follows, and we especially love the ENTIRE FACULTY & STAFF who envelop my children for 9 hours every day, living by and teaching these values to my children on a daily basis and making every child that attends school at WFS feel so very special and treating each as the unique individual that they are!”  

“Wichita Friends School is a fantastic option on the West side.  The Quaker based education is of the highest quality, and our daughter is showing us daily the boundless learning opportunities at WFS regardless of grade level.  The staff is focused on the child’s learning abilities and not so much on cookie cutter limits.  We could not be more pleased and only wished that we had sent our older children to Wichita Friends School. 

“WFS is exactly what I always pictured preschool and elementary school years would be like.  Classrooms that make even an adult want to stay and play, with just the right amount of structure, play, learning and above all, compassion and respect for our little humans.  The entire WFS staff puts their heart into this school.  You can see it and feel it from the moment you walk in!  The energy in the classroom is positive and loving and we truly feel like we now have an extended family." 

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