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1ST - 2nd - 3RD grade

While the full scope of learning begins to become more academic after Kindergarten, we affirm that play and exploration are still essential to this stage of learning. Lessons are designed for various pacing and learning styles while at the same time challenging the growing knowledge of these young children.  Wichita Friends School maintains a 1:12 average teacher/student ratio in our academic classrooms that allows teachers to respect students’ individual differences and set challenging but achievable goals for each student.

Wichita Friends School’s elementary curricula have been used and tested at the state and national levels.

  • Engage New York Math is designed to bring focus to the standard way of teaching math.  Students have opportunity to do daily math routines, use various strategies, and explore different ways to better understand mathematics.

  • Mystery Science is a hands-on science and engineering curriculum.  Captivating videos are presented on a large screen, followed with “wondering” questions that stimulate great classroom discussions, encouraging children to think deeply and creatively.

  • Engage New York Language Arts is a comprehensive language arts curriculum with components for Listening and Learning, Skills, Guided Reading and Independent Reading.

  • Fundations Reading is a multi-sensory language program.  The Fundations curriculum provides research-based materials and strategies to comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting achievement.

School-age children show cognitive engagement and increased academic outcomes when outdoor physical activity is a part of their day.  A part of our elementary education setting is a Discovery Playground where children experience creativity and discovery as they learn, develop and play together.  Additionally, our children make use of field and pond environments, where they investigate nature, collect plant and insect specimens and observe wildlife.  When students play and learn in a multi-faceted outdoor setting, they are healthier, more inquisitive and more passionate about learning.

Each week children attend music, Spanish, engineering, exercise/movement, board games, Godly play, sign language, library and art classes. Through these special enrichment classes, children develop a broad scope of multi-disciplinary skills and concepts. 

School Day: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

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