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(2 1/2 to 3-year-olds)

Three-year-old children participate in play-based activities centering on the five senses as they learn about the world around them. Exploration and discovery introduce early learning concepts focused around literature and number sense. Me, My Home and My Family are phrases attributed to this age.


The daily program is child-driven with a play-based curriculum.  Preschool curriculum supplements developmentally appropriate for each child include Read It Again Pre-K, designed to strengthen and develop children's early foundations in language and literacy; Handwriting Without Tears for letter and handwriting instruction; and Highscope Math, which allows children to explore counting, geometry, shapes and problem solving.


During early childhood developmental years, playing together is an important factor in both social and early cognitive achievement.  Our preschool playground is designed to encourage physical activity, stimulate sharing, and promote teamwork with traditional playground equipment, a super-size sand area, an intriguing concrete culvert “tunnel”, and a paved trike “roadway.” 


In our Discovery Playground children experience creativity, discovery and early problem-solving as they play together with sand, water, and rock formations.  When children meaningfully engage with each other in a multi-faceted outdoor setting, they are healthier, more inquisitive and more passionate about learning.

In addition to early childhood curricula and play-based activities, children attend special enrichment classes that help them develop a broad scope of multi-disciplinary skills and concepts.  Enrichment classes are from 2:45 to 3:45 and include music, Spanish, engineering, exercise & movement, board games, Godly play, sign language, library and art. 


Preschoolers can attend full time or part time.

WFS Preschool Classroom with multiple play centers.
Wichita Friends School Preschool Kitchen Play Center
WFS Preschool Classroom with community centering carpet and play centers.
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