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Music – Singing together. Learning new songs. Rhythm instruments and hand-clapping.  Responding to songs with different feelings. Interlinked tasks of brain and body that help children grow and develop.

Sign Language – Signing words, letters and numbers as we speak and sing.  Using sign reinforces meanings, engaging kinesthetic participation of busy little bodies — connecting young minds to young bodies. 

Movement and P.E. – Purposeful and coordinated movement that enhances physical, cognitive and social development.   We move large muscles in specific patterns, follow instructions about how to move, imagine and discover solutions to movement challenges  and work together to play and achieve.

Art – Discovering and exploring form, color and texture with many different materials and techniques.  Imagining and expressing ourselves in our own creations! 

Godly Play/Faith & Play — Listening to, seeing and feeling Bible stories of how God created everything; stories of Abraham & Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Noah, Joseph, Moses and Joshua; stories of Jesus’ birth and life and His parables, and stories of people of faith who let God shine in their lives.  Godly Play stories use poetic and non-doctrinal language that helps children be in touch with that of God inside them.

Baking & Cooking – Measuring and math.  Chemistry, combining solids and liquids.  Physics, discovering how our ingredients are altered with beating or heating.  And, then we eat our culinary creations!

Worship –  Singing songs of joy and songs of tenderness and we sit quietly listening to the still, gentle voice of God inside each of us.  ​

Spanish – ¿Hablas español? ¡Sí!  Un poco.  Studying a second language in early years is linked to increased performance in verbal communication, mathematical development and reasoning skills. 

Library – Browsing through our 5,000 book collection to find the one I most want to read and explore.  Discovering new facts about people, animals, insects and places.  ​

Board Games – Building self-confidence and relationship skills through collaboration with others.  Taking risks while having fun!  Working together to answer questions and solve problems. 

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