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Volunteer Opportunities

Ways You Can Be Involved at Wichita Friends School

Parent's and grandparent's involvement in their child’s classroom has proven to have a significantly positive effect on children’s success. It is a key factor in improving students’ academic performance. We know your life is full and your schedule is busy, so here are a few ideas easy ways to be involved.

  • Speak to your child’s class about your career or special expertise.

  • Volunteer to help with a PE class.

  • Help with our recycling program.

  • Do a craft project with the class.

  • Volunteer time in your child’s classroom by sharing a favorite story book, helping in a Center, organizing a party, or giving individual tutoring.

  • Accompany your child's class on a field trip.

  • Donate items to the classroom or to the school library.

  • Offer to take home and cut out items for your child’s teacher.

  • Volunteer, as a family or with other families, to do yard work or work on our nature trail (weekend times are available).

  • Stay in close communication with your child’s teacher your child's progress. E-mailing the teacher works great!

  • Help strengthen WFS by sharing your child’s success stories with your family, friends, and neighbors so WFS will continue to grow. Parents are our very best advocates!

  • Support WFS through the AmazonSmile charitable giving program and the Kroger/Dillons Community Rewards program.

Library time.  We love books!
Joy expressed during Library time.

A good friend introduced me to Wichita Friends School when I retired from a career in higher education.  I was immediately captivated by the WFS emphasis on peaceful conflict resolution and the embracing of God's presence in each school day.  As a retiree, I decided I had a few hours each week to volunteer at WFS ... helping with Monday morning worship, teaching Godly Play Bible stories, teaching music and helping in the library.  Being with these lovely children and teachers is a blessing in my life.  I cherish the energy and love I receive from them, and I know I am helping make a difference in their lives.  --Connie Adams

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