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Wichita Friends School Winter Fundraiser
February 5th - 21st

Help gather donations to improve our playground equipment and our school building!

  • TImeline: February 5th - 21st.

  • Ways to give:

    • Click on "Donate Now" below to go to our Wichita Friends School secure giving link.

    • Share on social media, in an email, or by text with family and friends so they can support your child's fundraising efforts.

    • Use the donation form provided to you.  Write down the donations you gather, and have family/friends pay online or turn in cash/checks/credit card with the donation form by February 21st.

Student Prizes!

$25    -  Spiral Sucker, Air Head

$50    -  Candy Bar, Gushers

$75    -  Fidget Toy, Scented Putty

$100  -  Squish Ball

$200  -  Kite, Light-up Bath Toy, Book

$300  -  Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee

$500  -  Student picks a staff member to silly-string, Light-up Sword

$1,000 - Pie-in-the-Face a Staff Member, Remote Control Car, Lunch with Head of School

School-Wide Prizes!

As we accumulate donations,

ALL our students win!

$1,000 - Ice Cream Sundaes

$2,000 - Extra Recess, Root Beer Floats

$3,000 - Pizza-party Lunch, Magic Bus Movie

$4,000 - Marshmellow Food Fight

$5,000 - Snow Cone Party

$6,000 - Bowling Field Trip

Top Student Fundraiser - receives $100 off of tuition.

Students raising over $1,000 - receive $200 off of tuition.

As a private school, WFS receives no state, local or federal money. 

We are 100% funded by tuition, grant funds and DONATIONS! 

Thank you for helping us secure funding that will sustain us.

Together, we change lives.

Your help goes a long way!

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