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WFS Creative Critters

Hi! I am Brandi Nix and I love teaching our elementary classes at Wichita Friends School.

The elementary classroom is one that will amaze you! I have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. A lot of learning takes place within these walls. One example of that is our English Language Arts Curriculum. Our ELA curriculum is interdisciplinary, embedding Science, History, and Geography into each language arts lesson. My students love the process of discovery that is so integral to ELA.

This year in first grade we are reading about and researching animal habitats. After choosing the habitat that calls to them, children learn basic research skills as they search for books about their habitat in the non-fiction sections of our library. Then their creativity is unleashed as they use technology and crafting skills to build a diorama of that habitat and present it to the class!

Our second graders are focusing on insects in their ELA lessons. They will learn about how various insects live, their climate, their food sources, and the various parts of an insect’s body. Students will then use their new knowledge to create their own insect from a wide range of art and craft supplies, culminating with a presentation of their insect to the class.

In our third-grade class, our ELA curriculum dives deep into paragraph and essay writing. We will be examining several types of writing and stories, and will then do some writing ourselves, creating our own story straight out of our imaginations.

Overall, WFS Elementary has a lot of creativity and imagination that is just waiting to be let loose!

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